How To Pour with Flair (working flair)

This Video shows you exactly how easy it is to incorporate some style into your daily workings of being a better bartender. this is from the guys at Howcast,  check out some more of their flair videos for extra insights and tips on how to use working flair.


Why Should We Use Working Flair ??

Great question. first we have to look at what ‘Working Flair’ is. The easiest way to do this is to compare it against its evil twin brother ‘Exhibition Flair’.

Exhibition flair is flair performed for entertainment and competition purposes and generally involves longer, choreographed routines. Exhibition flair usually requires special preparation and set-up of bottles and other props. It is a style of flair that generally does not lend itself to every day bar shifts. However, there are a growing number of flair bars around the world that showcase exhibition flair as part of their operation’s entertainment. Exhibition flair often involves multi-object flair including 2,3,4 and 5 bottle/tin tricks and routines. Exhibition flair can involve moves and routines performed while not in the drink making process. It takes forever and in the end you might not even get a drink.

Now ‘working flair’ is the stuff we can do as bartenders on day to day bar shifts: quick, light, and realistic moves that can be performed without slowing service. Most working flair involves glassware, one bottle, bottle and tin, garnish, or occasionally, two bottle moves. Working flair is always performed while making a cocktail or drink. Flipping empty bottles is not working flair, but it can sometimes still look cool.

The easiest way to think about it is. Working flair should take the exact or less amount of time than than just making the drinks normally. If it slows down the service because you want to juggle an extra tin then you can go home.


Practice the working flair moves that i will post below and pull them off without looking like an arrogant dick and you my friend are well on your way to be a startender.


read,drink,WATCH and be inspired

More videos and more ways to wow



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