A fire is lit up within me when i start learning something. To the creative mind a new skill or even an off the cuff fact is enough to spark the inspiration for new ideas inside of us.

Bettering ourselves each and everyday can only lead us  to creating a better world.
There is a famous quote by Henry Thurman that we should all live the key aspects of our lives around,
Don’t look at what the world needs, look at what makes you come alive and go do that. Thats what the world needs, people who have come alive.”
Put simply, do what you love and you will have an impact.
Be A Better Bartender is an online learning community that grabs the idea of a lesson a day!! experts are required to post something that will better educate the world and create a free learning space for everyone.

Too many sites and blogs are centered around how vodka is produced or the perfect chronological history of Rum,which undoubtedly has the lack of pirate stories, or how to make the perfect Manhattan. Now do not get me wrong, i bloody love a Manhattan but i believe  that the intricacies involved with perfect temperatures and exact surface areas of ice cubes are better left to those with the utmost passion and guile that it deserves. and it does deserve it! There is a whole new world available to you if that tickles your fancy but…


If you are more of ‘cool’ story kind of bartender to pass the time with your patrons in a fun filled environment then Drinkable Histories is for you. Perfect little ditty’s to amaze and wow your fellow professionals that will leave them in awe of your knowledge not bored by your incessant over the shoulder watching and looks of disgust when you forget to mention that the scotch you are pouring is 12 years old. Take a look at the posts marked ‘Drinkable Histories’ for these nuggets of wisdom.


If you are more interested in finding out about the psychological side of the whole customer service or hospitality industry then be sure to check out our other blog posts, remember you’ll only ever be as good as you want to be. Now’s the time to be better.


Read, drink and be inspired.




Joel Mitchell

(founder of the Be Better movement)


Give this a reply, comment, observation or a few lines that show us the inner workings of an alcoholic mind...

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